Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New pictures of the girls

Thank you Kaylie for taking these beautiful pictures of our girls!! We love how they turned out!

Girls day at Gardners Village

Me, My mom, Aunt Calleen, Janell, Dana, Jodi, Brenda, Swayzee, Bentlee, Jacey, Kodi and Chloe. Gardners Village is so fun this time of year!

All the little girls: Jacey, Kodi, Swayzee Chloe and Bentlee. Poor little Addi didn't get an invitation! She had a daddy daughter day! Maybe next year she will be invited! (;

Chloe, Jacey, Swayzee and Bentlee

Baby B saying "cheese!"

Guess I put this picture on here twice because I thought it was so stinkin' cute!!!

Me and the girls sitting next to a witch

Swayzee and Chloe with Bentlee in a witch's stroller! She didn't mind.

Chloe and Swayzee. They are best friends/cousins. Awwww!!

Here they are again!!

Swayzee is obsessed with makeup, so when she saw this glitter makeup, she had to have it! Isn't she lovely?

So grown up!

Me and my girls (minus little Addi)

Chloe, Swayzee and Bentlee having some down time with grandma Joan.

First day of dance and preschool and Kylers preisthood advancement

Swayzee's first day of preschool.

Addison's first day of dance lessons. If you can't tell, she is just a little excited!

Swayzee and Addison right before Addi's dance lesson. Swayzee was undecided about dance. She ended up starting a week late! But she loves it!

My little brother Kyler is getting closer and closer to leaving on his mission. It is bittersweet. Two years isn't very long, but at the same time, a lot can happen in two years. We will miss him but we are excited for him and this chapter in his life. And...it's his 19th birthday today! Happy Birthday little brother!!!!! Love ya much!


We went with the Mason girls and had a girls day in St. George. Swayzee, Boston and Addison swimming in the VERY HOT St. George weather!

If anyone knows Swayzee, knows she isn't a big fan of water, so I really made a big deal about her getting her hair wet!! Yay Swayzee!!

And then...there's Addi who you cannot keep out of the water. She LOVES water!

Halee, Boston, Rilee and Addison soaking up some sun and water. Hmmm...wonder why Swayzee isn't joining them?? (;

Me and my girls right before the play. They loved the show!!

Hiking Molly's Nipple

I was SO nervous and sorta freaking out when these guys were throwing rocks off the side! Ahhhhh!! They were making me crazy! I'm kind of a worry wart now that I have kids.

Weston and I had never hiked Molly's Nipple, so we decided to do that this summer. It was so fun!! My little brothers and sister came with us and we had a really fun day! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!

I bet you can't tell who the scared ones are in this picture?... Jaden and I are the smarter ones. Weston, Kaylee and Kyler were making us a nervous wreck!! There is nothing wrong with sitting down and enjoying the view right? (;

This was on our way up there. It was so beautiful!!!

Camping, Fixing fence, riding horses and other summer activities

Swayzee and Addison taking turns riding a horse with Jaden and Kaylee

Addison, Bryce and Swayzee on our little fourwheeler. Doesn't look too safe with little Emmit sitting behind does it?

Addison must have been tuckered. Aunt Kaylee to the resuce!!

Swayzee is getting pretty good at riding her four-wheeler. We were on the mountain fixing fence, Swayzee was good at finding any kind of mud or water.

Swayzee, Chloe, Addison, Brogan and Davis

Weston loves to grow a garden! This year, he had a lot of help!! Addison was his little shadow!

Little Bentlee chillin' in our backyard.

Brogan, Addison, Chloe and Swayzee

Weston and the girls helping with the garden again!



Swayzee and Addison at Philmont pond

Weston with the two girls. Right after this picture, Swayzee caught a water snake! She was way way excited!

This place was BEAUTIFUL!

On our way home, we stopped in Colorado and rented this awesome bike and rode it around the town for an hour. Weston and I were exhausted!!!!! The girls had a ball and kept asking why we were going so slow!! We were pretty sore after pedaling around that long!

I wish I could take credit for our family flag, but I can't! Weston's mom made it for us. I have it hanging on a wall in our house. I think it is so cute!!!!

This is our little family minus sleeping baby Bentlee. This place was so beautiful!

Weston and the girls after an "attempted" lesson of frisbee throwing!!

Swayzee throwing the bean bags. When she first went over there, she ran ahead and there was a little boy who told her this was only a boy game. She put her hands on her hips and said, "girls can play too!" So funny!!

Daddy and Bentlee

MY FAVORITE PICTURE!! Swayzee with two members of the General Primary Presidency. She was picked to lead the primary parade!! They loved her name, and throughout the whole week, they always recognized her and said hi. These two ladies were so amazing!

Wow! This trip happened way back in June! Time goes by too fast and I get more behind every single day. :( Weston is the Stake Young Men's President and we were invited to attend this leadership training at Philmont in New Mexico. I didn't have the best attitude at first. I thought he was going to have all these meeting all week and I was going to be alone with the girls. That didn't sound so fun. Boy...I was so wrong! We had a blast and had plenty of fun family time! It was a testimony builder as well! I am thankful for Weston's calling and all the many blessings it brings our little family. Before this trip, I was not even seeing the little blessings in our every day life. After this trip, I am so much more mindful of every little blessing each day. I am so thankful for this gospel!